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Keyplay recently introduced a solution that is both fast and affordable. You can now filter account lists by backend tech like cloud data warehouses (eg. Snowflake, Redshift), Accounting Software (e.g. Netsuite, Quickbooks), or any back-end tech that matters for your ICP.

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Ask your tech friends if they know of SaaS companies still hiring and there’s a good chance they’ll throw out companies in one of the SaaS categories below.

Aside from serving evergreen needs, security, AI, HR, design and developer tools tend to adopt modern strategies like community and PLG at a high rate. Despite the economic climate, companies still growing in these categories offer transparent and generous employee benefits to attract top talent.

At the beginning of this year, we launched StillHiring.Today with Ross Pomeranz (AKA Corporate Bro) to help tech workers find their next role. This week, we filtered our 1,276-company database based on key hiring signals to identify the best crowd-sourced companies still hiring.

I highlighted ten promising companies with several high-paying job openings in today's LinkedIn post.

In this issue:

  • 4 SaaS categories worth watching
  • 9 B2B SaaS companies still hiring
  • Tips for job seekers looking for roles with promising SaaS companies

4 B2B SaaS categories worth watching

Pro Tip: You can find and filter open tech roles like these on factors like remote work, function, funding, and more at StillHiring.Today.

Security & Compliance

Security & Compliance ranks #1 in six-month headcount growth for B2B SaaS subcategories with $10M or more in funding. Regardless of the market, companies can’t axe security software to save money. They’d risk compromising customer data along with their own, not to mention the legal ramifications of failing compliance.

GTM insights

Post-500+ employees, 1password, Drata, and Recorded Future are well past the fledgling startup and growth stages. At 129 employees, Datagrail has a mature GTM motion for its size. Drata, Datagrail, and 1password have owned communities supported by webinars and podcasts. Recorded Future, one of the larger companies with a higher ACV and tighter TAM, taps into the security community through its media arm, The Record, led by former NYT and NPR journalists.

Recruiting insights

To recruit national journalists and other high-caliber employees, Recorded Future offers competitive pay and stock grant options. All four offer remote work accommodations along with competitive benefits.


Headcount growth: 🔺18% in 6 months
Funding: 2022 C round, $940.1M total
Open roles in: Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Product, Customer Success, Support, Finance, Design


Headcount growth: 🔺40%(!) in 6 months
Funding: 2022 C round, $328.2M total
Open roles in: Sales, Engineering, Product, Customer Success, Design

Recorded Future

Headcount growth: 🔺 5% in 6 months
Funding: 2023 venture round (post E), $69.2M
Open roles in: Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Product, Customer Success, Support, Finance


Headcount growth:🔺4% in 6 months
Open roles in: Sales, Engineering, Product, Finance
Funding: 2022 C round, $84.2M total

Generative AI

A close second behind Security & Compliance in six-month headcount growth for $10M+ funded B2B SaaS companies, generative AI is quickly infiltrating SaaS. Back in April, we noticed 71% of AI companies we track were still hiring as other SaaS companies were downsizing, nearly a quarter (24%) received funding in the last 12 months, and more than half (52%) of companies in our full SaaS index were integrating with AI in some way.

Companies like Descript and Grammarly are well positioned to not only survive but dominate the emerging generative AI market as competition is still sparse compared to established categories. At just 132 employees, Descript’s seeing outsized growth with hiring trends and funding patterns matching that of established and scaled companies.

GTM insights

Descript and Grammarly lean on successful PLG motions supported by community plays. Grammarly has an owned community while Descript has built a strong audience with a podcast and templates. Both products are highly viral and can be used by nearly anyone, making them a no-brainer for PLG. More than a quarter (28%) of AI companies have an owned community.

Recruiting insights

Grammarly is pioneering the remote-first hybrid working model and Descript offers similar flexibility with options to work from home or at an office.


Headcount growth: 🔺 5% in 6 months
Open roles in: Engineering, Product
Funding: 2022 C round, $100M total


Headcount growth: 🔺8% in 6 months
Open roles in: Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Product, and Customer Success
Funding: 2021 PE round, $400M total

HR Tech

HR platforms with a fintech component, such as accounting, payroll, or spend management, are foundational, must-have tech. In many cases, HR tech is one of the first software purchases at a startup. For instance, Keyplay onboarded Rippling at the six-employee mark. As the employee count grows, the more entrenched companies become in their HR tech, and the less likely they are to churn.

GTM insights

Both Deel and Rippling invest in high-impact initiatives like partnerships and video content. And while Rippling, unlike Deel, lacks a PLG motion, it makes up for it by offering several other ways for users to engage early – community, podcast, templates, and events.

Recruiting insights

Lastly, Deel supports its people by providing work-from-home accommodations while Rippling offers wellness and parental leave programs.


Headcount growth: 🔺 41% in 6 months
Funding: 2022 venture round (post D), $523M total
Open roles in: Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Product, Customer Success, Support, Finance, HR, Design (159 open roles)


Headcount growth: 🔺 4% in 6 months
Funding: 2023 E round, $1.2B total
Open roles in: Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Product, Support, Customer Success, Support, Finance, HR, Design (261 open roles)

Design Tools

Design, developer, and productivity tools are well positioned to take advantage of the current AI era as there’s a direct use case for generative AI integrations for all three. Webflow and Figma are scaled (~1K+ employees) companies within their subcategories, with tangible product-market fit.

GTM insights

Both show positive signs of promising GTM programs – PLG motions coupled with community, events, and templates to support. Cloud 100 companies, considered the best of SaaS, tend to invest in communities more often than their B2B SaaS counterparts – 58% vs 37%.

Recruiting insights

Besides a strong GTM track record and upcoming market advantages with AI, both Webflow and Figma are doubling down on the people who helped them scale — and in Figma’s case, exit for $20B — by offering remote work options for some roles, personal development stipends, 401(k), paid parental leave, mental health programs and more.


Headcount growth: 🔺 8% in 6 months
Open roles in: Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Product, Support, Finance, Security
Funding: 2022 C round, $334.9M total


Headcount growth: 🔺97%(!) in 6 months
Open roles in: Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Product, Customer Success, Support
Funding: 2022 venture round, $333.4M

Tips for tech job seekers (what to look for)

  • Sales and marketers should consider GTM offers to determine how supported they’ll be in potential roles. For instance, the presence of free plans and trials could mean AEs will have high-intent inbound leads to work. The presence of podcasts and community can indicate how much the company invests in brand.
  • Growing too fast can also be a red flag. Filter roles in StillHiring.Today by Keyplay Growth Signals like “6-month headcount growth: 10%-20%” or “1-month headcount growth: positive” to get a sense of layoffs and hiring track record.
  • If remote or hybrid work arrangements are a must, filter by “remote” in StillHiring.Today to cut out the noise.

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